#0777 Purebred Boer Buck

DOB 6/9/2015
98% Purebred Boer Buck
Sire: RRG1 Rebel Ridge Yukon Jack  ABGA#10470221
Dam: JGLB Lola   ABGA#10517882

Genetics Include:

-RLP Bull City Buckwheat **EN**
-Logan Hill Mr Makers Mark
-CRV Rhubarb **EN**
-Tabu **EN**
-Bodaciouc Hottentot **EN**
-Kaptein *EN*

This Purebred buck is traditional in color.

He has good pigmentation and is well built.

His Sire is red. His Sire’s twin brother is red with white dapples.

His Dam is traditional in color and is a heavy built doe. She always throws heavy built kids and is an excellent mother.

His twin brother is also traditional in color,  is  thick built and has good pigmentation (see#07760.

SOLD TO:  Mark Wisecarver

Williamsburg, PA


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