100% Fullblood Boer Buck-#1040

DOB 6/11/2020

Sire: JSR Buckin’ Screamin’ Dapples


Dam: BIJO Candi Star’s Twinkle


Genetics Include:

-RRG1 Rebel Ridge Yukon Jack

-RLP Bull City Buckwheat **EN**

-RLP Bull City Cherokee **EN**

-Eggs Ryals Magnum **EN**

-DOW “Pipeline” *EN*

-MAX Boer Goats Red Hot Dappled $ **EN**

#1040 Fullblood buck is tiger dappled.

His current color is black, brown, white and gray.

Like most tiger dappled Boers his color can change as he ages.

He has been healthy and is growing well.

His teats are 1X1

#1040′s Sire is a black and white paint with white dapples.

The Sire  has generations of dappled genetics.

#1040′sDam is red with socks and white under her barrel.

The Dam carries good dappled genetics.

If you are looking for a tiger dappled Fullblood Boer buck #1040  would be an asset to your colored/dappled breeding program.

***#1040 buck will be sold with an Application For Registration for you to name him, have him registered and DNA tested***

PRICE $800.00

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