100% Fullblood Boer Doe-#0979

DOB 3/29/2019

Sire: JSR Screamin’ Kung Fu Panda X2 (ABGA#10763001)

Dam: TOBRI Savannah (ABGA#10650360)

Genetics Include:

-RRG1 Rebel Ridge Yukon Jack

-TOBRI Still Meadows Waylen

-SCS Starbucks Taurus ‘ SCV

-BIJO’s Candi Cane

-2DOX Bay Watch

-EGGS RYALS Magnum **EN**

-RRD Remington M160 **EN**

-MOJO Magic **EN**


-RLP Bull City Cherokee **EN**

-RLP Bull City Buckwheat **EN**

-ASHS Kung Fu Panda

-Dominator EN

-DOW Pipeline *EN* National Champion 1999

-TRIPI Rollin Blackout

This #0979 Fullblood doe is black with 2 front white ankle socks.

Her teat structure is 1×1. She has had no health issues.

#0979 doe’s Sire is black with white dapples. He has a strong genetic pool of black and black dappled colors.

#0979 doe’s Dam is white with a black head/cape. She is a very good mother. She has had twins, triplets and now quintuplets (5) which she delivered them all unassisted.

#0979 doe is a quintuplet (5). She has a sister(#0981) that has a white body and black head, a brother (#0982) that has a white body and black head and another brother (#0980) who is a black and white belted paint with white dapples. She also had a stillborn sister that was white with a black head.

This #0979 Fullblood doe has great “old time” genetics mixed with today’s genetics. This doe would be an asset to your colored/dappled breeding program.

***#0979 Fullblood doe will be sold with an Application For Registration for you to name her and have her registered***

(She will be ready to go in July 2019)

PRICE $500.00



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