97% Purebred Boer Buck-#1035

DOB 5/31/2020

Sire: JSR Screamin’ Kung Fu Panda X2


Dam: JSR CJ “Bellicia”


Genetics Include:

-ASHS Kung Fu Panda

-BIJO “Man-O-Spots”

-BIJO Valentino

-Starbuck *EN* Reserve National Champion 2002

-HMR Sumo *EN*

-2 SIS Tamu **EN**

-TRIPI Rollin Blackout

This Purebred Boer buck is red with white moon spots and dapples.

His teats are 1X1

#1035′s Sire is black with white dapples.

#1035′s Dam is solid black.

#1035 Purebred buck has a brother (#1034) that is white with a black  head with tan/white dapples on it.

He also has a sister that is black with white feet.

This buck is a nice buck that would enhance a colored/dappled breeding program.

***This 97% Purebred Boer buck will be sold with an Application For Registration for you to name him, have him registered and DNA tested***

PRICE $500.00

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