98.5% Purebred Boer Boer Buck-#1148

DOB 4/3/2022

Sire: BIJO Buckin’ “Bobby” Starman is black and red/cream tiger dappled.

(ABGA 10836750)

Dam: BIJO Yukon “Daphine” Dolly is red and white paint with white dapples.

(ABGA 10828206)

Genetics Include:

-RRG1 Rebel Ridge Yukon Jack

-BIJO BIJO’s Chewie Lewie

-BSJH H-Peaceful Pastures Red Dancer

-RLP Bull City Cherokee *EN*

-RLP Bull City Buckwheat *EN*

-EDSR Molly *EN*

-2SIS 324M *EN*

-MAX Boer Goats Red Hot Dappled $ **EN**

#1148 buck is tiger dappled dark red and cream colored. This buck is tiger dappled in color and his color can change as he ages.

#1148 has dappled genetics on his Sire and Dam’s side.

#1148 has been healthy and has been growing well.

#1148 teats are 1 X 1 clean with 3 small non-functional teats.

SOLD TO: Theresa McClay

                         Galena, MD


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