98.50% Purebred Boer Doe-#0944

BIJO Yukon Red “Blitzie”

ABGA #10804078

DOB 10/13/2018

Sire: RRG1 Rebel Ridge Yukon Jack (ABGA#10470221)

Dam: BIJO “Blitzy-O-Spots” (ABGA#10673439)

Genetics Include:

-RLP Bull City Buckwheat **EN**

-RLP Bull City Cherokee **EN**

-Eggsfile *EN*

-BIJO’s Painted Brutus

-BIJO’s BI-Brutus

-MAX Boer Goats Red Hot $

-COKE Candi

-BIJO “Man-O-Spots”

-HMR Sumo *EN*

-BIJO Bill

“Blitzie” is solid red. She has had no health issues and is well built.

Her teats are 2×2 clean.

Her C-D-T inoculations and worming are up to date.

“Blitzie”s Sire, Jack, is solid red. Jack’s twin brother is red with white dapples.

“Blitzie”s Dam, Blitzy,  is red with white dapples. Blitzy’s Sire and Grand Sire are both red with white dapples. Blitzy’s Dam is solid black.

“Blitzie” is a 98.50% Purebred doe that would be a good addition to add thickness and colored/dappled genetics to your breeding program.

PRICE $400.00




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