98% Purebred Boer Doe-#0944

DOB 10/13/2018

Sire: RRG1 Rebel Ridge Yukon Jack (ABGA#10470221)

Dam: BIJO “Blitzy-O-Spots” (ABGA#10673439)

Genetics Include:

-RLP Bull City Buckwheat **EN**

-RLP Bull City Cherokee **EN**

-Eggsfile *EN*

-BIJO’s Painted Brutus

-BIJO’s BI-Brutus

-MAX Boer Goats Red Hot $

-COKE Candi

-BIJO “Man-O-Spots”

-HMR Sumo *EN*

-BIJO Bill

#0944 Purebred doe is solid red. She has had no health issues and is well built.

Her teats are 2×2 clean.

#0944′s C-D-T inoculations and worming are up to date.

#0944′s Sire, Jack, is solid red. Jack’s twin brother is red with white dapples.

#0944′s Dam, Blitzy,  is red with white dapples. Blitzy’s Sire and Grand Sire are both red with white dapples. Blitzy’s Dam is solid black.

#0944′s twin sister (#0945-also for sale) looks exactly like her.

This 98% Purebred doe would be a good addition to add thickness and colored/dappled genetics to your breeding program.

***#0944-98% Purebred doe will be sold with an Application For Registration for you to name her and have her registered***

PRICE $400.00




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